Lapis Lazuli Ankh

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Lapis Lazuli is one of my favourite stones, probably because it’s connection to Ancient Egypt and in particular, Goddess Isis.

It’s a powerful ascension stone and working with Lapis can bring you a deeper understanding of the universe and our connection to all things

It is said to also help discovering soul mate connections, manifesting and channelling, ancient wisdom and powerful healing, all when used with good intentions.

I worked with Lapis Lazuli to connect with Goddess Isis on a deeper level, to access her teachings and supportive energy through my ascension process. A delight and honour to work with 

The Ankh symbol is also especially powerful connection to ancient Egypt, its signifies eternal life itself, a portal to the other side.

Other uses of Lapis Lazuli:

- Third Eye opening, boosts immune System, lowers blood pressure, helps with insomnia and depression, helps with self expression and throat chakra, reduces headaches, connection to spirit and guides,  assists with obtaining clarity, accept the truth, love to relationships and active listening.