Large Ocean Jasper Flame with Drusy

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Weight : 989 / gram

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Ocean Jasper Energy & Vibration:

- Great if you need a 'lift'

- Promotes feelings of Joy and happiness 

- Helps release negative emotions and thought patterns 

- Known as 'The Atlantis Stone' as it can connect you ancient knowledge or past lives from Atlantis

- Promotes optimisum from the Heart Chakra 

- Boost confidence, self worth and self esteem

- Helps you see the positive and relax! 

The flame is such powerful symbol, representing fire one of the four elements. The fire respresents not only life but also destruction. Fire can aid survival and also destroy.

Therefore working with the flame we can clear that which no longer serves us, be it a limiting belief, thought form, or something more practical like a circumstance.

We can also use this energy to manifest and birth anew, giving light and creation to a new idea, venture, project or perhaps even a belief allowing it to alight with life and burn brightly.

The flame has also been said to be strongly linked to the kundalini energy and so can support kundalini awaken

Rough size 14.5cm H x 7.5cm W