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You are here to radically tranform and live out your divine purpose!


My birth name is Sarah, Ectlana Mage is a name given to me by spirit which represents a new cycle and energy for my service to the great awakening. About 7 years ago I found myself planning a way to escape this world, this was my darkest hour, life had been a real struggle for a long time. I remember the pivotal moment so clearly like it was yesterday. The thought that changed everything for me was 'I don't ever want anyone else to feel this way.' At that moment I felt a shift, I knew I had to get better, to help those that were suffering. I sought help, I found spiritual principles, healing modalities that changed my life profoundly and set me free in ways I can't begin to explain.

I then went on my own healing journey of self-discovery and realisation. I began to free myself from the illusions and distortions I had been under about myself and the world, I began to heal and come back home to myself and who I truly was.

One thing I know for sure is it is our birthright to experience inner peace, love, and abundance with a life full of passion and purpose. Nothing drives me forward more than helping others move closer to their calling and the essence of who they are. You are here for a reason.
Whilst doing this work I awakened spiritually and discovered that I was actually part of something much bigger than I had ever imagined, a great awakening that is happening on this planet. I live and breathe the ascension and my mission is to guide awakening souls, lightworkers and starseeds through their spiritual journey moving them closer to their mission and purpose.


I am honored you are here divine soul, I am honored to guide you.

what we do

Your Journey Accelerates Here

Ectlana Mage’s purpose is to assist awakening souls on their ascension home, back to themselves, the power of who they are and why they are here.

During healing sessions and workshops will work together to clear blocks, traumas and interference, while moving closer towards self realisation, self expression, creativity and personal fulfillment.

Ectlana has dedicated her life to the divine plan of love that is unfolding on this planet. Subscribe to the Ectlana Mage Youtube channel or join the mailing list to be notified of her weekly updates.

Recent Testimonials

I had an energy session and we tapped into some deep parts of me and released some energy that needed to about being betrayed which is something that has happened in the past. I felt calm afterwards and trusted the process and was able to forgive myself during the healing process. The next few days I was a little bit emotional but was able to really reflect on what energy I had previously been holding onto and how it was unhelpful to my higher being.

AMY, Midlands

24 April 2020
Pearl Rivera

I had an energy session which helped a lot in my healing process. It helped me see another side of my heart that I was neglecting. I cried a lot after our session. I felt so much better. Not only does my heart feel lighter and yet stronger, I feel a stronger connection with my soul. I was amazed at how accurate she was with a lot of things. She truly has a gift, you must have a session with her.

Ray Owens

I’ve had two sessions with Sarah and both have been wonderful experiences. We did a matrix session which was a fascinating process and she also did a very powerful distance healing with me which left me feeling revitalised when my energy was quite low. She also intuitively passed some knowledge onto me that I definitely needed to hear. She is very grounded, connected and intuitively guided with her work.

Nicola, London

28 January 2020
Megan Fernandez

I really cannot thank you enough, I was feeling so anxious and struggled with insecurities and was feeling really lost. Now I've really been able to deal with situations better and think much more clearly about future decisions. My sleep is so much better and I'm finding my spiritual journey is amazing, Sarah is brilliant and you will get a feeling of positivity every time you see her.

Karly, Essex

14 January 2020
Jack Hopkins

I booked a Soul Matrix session, not really knowing what to expect, but following my inner guidance to work with her. Oh my goodness...Sarah-Jayne combines numerous advanced spiritual healing techniques to really go back through your ancestral blueprint to help identify and clear on the initial appearance of whatever is blocking you. She identifies the limiting belief, and takes it back to the origin.

Alice, Manchester

14 January 2020
Jack Hopkins

I was going through some emotional challenges and I wanted to get to the root of the problem. I was a little concerned about whether this kind of thing would work and if delving back into the past would be helpful. Working with Ectlana has been brilliant, she created a very safe space and was very informative as to what I could expect from the session which really put me at ease. I felt very comfortable with her and supported.

Marvin, London

14 January 2020
Jack Hopkins

I love my appointments with Ectlana, I’ve had numerous appointments with her. All have been for different purposes, sometimes I’ve gone into some deep routed stuff that’s been controlling my actions without me even realising! But this was what I needed in order for me to finally let go. Other times I’ve just felt more aligned, lighter and a big mood lift.

Cheri, Essex

14 January 2020
Jack Hopkins